No More Clutter!

Decluttering is about deciding what to keep, rather than deciding what to throw away!

We offer a sympathetic and professional service and not just a cleanup facility. Once the decluttering has been completed, we follow through with a full deep clean and sanitisation of the residence when required.

(Our services are delivered by compassionate and caring individuals that understand and empathise with the mindset of our clients and appreciate the value of the items that they care about.)

About Us

We are a small team that has extensive experience, in both their personal and professional lives and have proudly changed the outlook of many individuals that availed of our services, whether that has been through a Doctor of a health board or by a relative or a loved one in need of our service.

Our Services

Initial Consultation

In order to make the Client feel safe we like to meet with them at their place of residence and do a ‘meet and greet’. Our approach is very sympathetic and from experience, this is a very effective way of getting the process started.

Starting the process

Having agreed at the initial consultation that the Hoarding issues are something that the individual has accepted and we then go through the items that are important and from this point we start the decluttering process, and arrange for waste collection, and then we follow through with a thorough clean  of the residence if and when required

Process completion

 Once the project has been completed, we offer ongoing support  by keeping a level of contact and occasional visits by agreement to offer support and assistance. 

What our Clients SAY

We are proud to offer our services to Clients that need to be dealt with, with compassion.

Due to the sensiteive nature of the support work we carry out, in many cases to vunerable indivuals, we only supply refrences upon request.


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